Fluke 561 HVACPro Infrared Thermometer



Fluke 561 Infrared and Contact Thermometer, -40-1022 Degree F Range, 12:1 Ratio

IR thermometer for quick measurements up close or at a distance, without a ladder
Compatible with all standard mini-connector K-type thermocouples
Velcro pipe probe for superheat, sub-cooling or other contact and ambient measurements
Single-point laser sighting
Temperature range optimized for HVAC/R applications
Easy emissivity adjustment for measuring pipes and ducts more accurately
Lightweight (only 340 grams (12 ounces)) and portable
Very easy to use
Efficient – no need to shut down equipment when making IR measurements
MIN, MAX and DIF temperature readings help you quickly identify problems
Scan large areas or small objects quickly and efficiently
HVAC/R measurement guide included to maximize your productivity
In the IR mode, you can take temperatures within two meters of the target and scan ducts from further away without a ladder. The laser sighting system guides


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