Fluke 773 Advanced Milliamp Process Clamp-Meter



Digital clamp-meter for 24V loop circuits measures DC to 100mA via clamp and to 24mA in circuit, and DC voltage to 30V
Meter can source and simulate DC signals from 4 to 20mA, can source DC voltage signals up to 10V, and is accurate to 0.2% with a resolution of 0.01mA
Clamp with 4.5mm (0.177 inches) jaw opening measures current without touching or interrupting the circuit, and is for use in hard-to-reach applications
Built-in 24V loop power supply to power a transmitter and measure its milliamp output signal
Meets EN and IEC safety standards 61010-1 and 61010-2-032
Dual backlit display with both mA measurement and percent of 4 to 20 mA span
Measurement spotlight
Measure up to 99.9 mA range non-contact
Automatic power off
4 to 20 mA scaled output


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